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Python Scripts and PDF Flashcards for the Minecraft API written in LaTeX.
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minecraft_flashcards and scripts

A PDF set of Flashcards for the Raspberry Pi Minecraft API written in LaTeX, together with the scripts to run. Full LaTeX source for the flashcards is provided.

Clone this repository: On your Raspberry Pi, open up an LXTerm:

pi@raspberrypi ~/$ git clone ""

Example scripts in scripts, source code for the flash card is in latex. minecraft_icon gives a friendly desktop icon.

Instructions to install Minecraft on the Raspberry Pi:

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install minecraft-pi python-minecraftpi 

Python scripts for controlling Minecraft Pi Edition on Raspberry Pi, from the work of Martin O' Hanlon found at Code and Inspiration taken from Craig Richardson’s Minecraft Pi Book: Craig's book is licensed under the Creative Commons license of Attribution- NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

Scripts included with these flashcards are:             - Put all available blocks into a Totem.                - One off chat message.  - Show how to continually send chat messages.           - Drop random gravel blocks from the sky.                - Teleport the player into the air.                  - Square below the player turn to gold.        - Square below the player turn to armed TNT.             - Simple solid tower. Edit to add lava icing.             - Build a towerblock with windows, doorway, floors and roof.                 - Cuboid.                 - Sphere.                 - Continually post player location.         - Remove all terrain.        - Place one block.               - Teleport the player to a fixed location.               - Find player location.               - Random forest around player.                - Pyramid.	              - Castle and bailey.           - Explosive block TNT.           - Wool totem to show all colours.            - Wood totem to show wood types.             - Race against the clock to switch on 10 lighthouses.            - Create a pirate ship.              - Work in progress of Blackpool tower.
fourthreethree/           - Switch on/off 240V sockets using home automation & Minecraft.
wii_balance_board/        - Wii balance board demos.
ps3_controller/	      - Installing the PS3 controller for use with Minecraft.
pibrella/                 - Pibrella games. Pirate treasure game.
piglow/                   - Piglow games.
fadecandy/                - Fadecandy demos for use with Adafruit neopixels.
library/                  - Directory containing code common to all the lighthouse games.	
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