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git repository for the File::Util Perl 5 package
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This is the git repository for the File::Util Perl 5 package

If you want to DOWNLOAD a packaged release of File::Util, this is not the place to get it. Use your CPAN client or download a package from (search for File::Util)

If you want HELP with File::Util, or even if you want to complain about it, send me an email from or post your question at

If you want INFORMATION about File::Util, go to and click on the "File::Util" link. All the documentation and packaged distributions are there.

To report a BUG, go here:

If you want to CONTRIBUTE to File::Util, clone it, patch it, and generally feel invited to participate in whatever way you may wish via the git mechanism (git://

This project was a private endeavor for too long so don't hesitate to pitch in. I want to say I very much appreciate the bug reports, patches, and testers.

-Tommy Butler

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