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Exoplanets App

A web application that visualizes data of extrasolar planets. The data is based on PHL's Habitable Exoplanets Catalog which basically provides almost every exoplanet data available combined with additional planet related modelled information.

Getting Started

Visit to see the app. Open to see app description.



  1. Setup a simple webserver with xampp or any similar web server software
  2. Create a folder within htdocs/ and name it "exoplanets"
  3. Open that folder and clone the repository with command: git clone
  4. Open localhost/exoplanets in your Browser - have fun! (The search function will no work this way cause u still need to setup the backend)


  1. If you want to import a new dataset of exoplanets you need to setup a SQL database on your server first.

  2. Open your sql storage software installed on your system (phpmyadmin, adminer or any similar)

  3. Create new database "exoplanets" and remember the name

  4. Use the exported phlplanets.sql inside the folder backend/ and import it into your database

  5. Now you can go to ( and download the latest CSV-File to import it into the database

  6. Once import is complete you can call backend ressources from within your browser. It is important to keep existing directory structure as is, otherwise file generation may fail.

    • Use Export Planets to generate all planet system files. Files will be generated as JSON files inside of your app/js/data/planetsystems/ directory.

    • Use Export Stars to generate all stars information. It's one JSON file that will be stored to app/js/data/.

    • Use Export Planet Stats to generate a list of statistical planet information. It's one JSON file that will be stored to app/js/data/.

    • Use Export General Statistics to generate a list of basic of statistics of planets and stars. It's one JSON file that will be stored to app/js/data/.

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