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React Multi-Step Form


If you are new to Gulp, Browserify, or build tools in general be sure to check out the blog post for more context and the Wiki for some additional background knowledge.

Install npm dependencies

npm install

Run gulp


This will run the default gulp task defined in gulp/tasks/default.js, which does the following:

  • Run 'watch', which has 2 task dependencies, ['setWatch', 'browserSync']
  • setWatch sets a variable that tells the browserify task whether or not to use watchify.
  • browserSync has build as a task dependecy, so that all your assets will be processed before browserSync tries to serve them to you in the browser.
  • build includes the following tasks: ['browserify', 'sass', 'markup']
  • Compile and move these files to build/ folder, and be served on your localhost at port 3000.
  • Run appropriate tasks on when source files change and refresh the browser.