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a64638a Jan 8, 2015
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* @jsx React.DOM
var React = require('react')
var Confirmation = React.createClass({
render: function() {
return (
<h2>Confirm Registration</h2>
<li><b>Name:</b> {}</li>
<li><b>Email:</b> {}</li>
<li><b>Age:</b> {this.props.fieldValues.age}</li>
<li><b>Colors:</b> {this.props.fieldValues.colors.join(', ')}</li>
<ul className="form-fields">
<li className="form-footer">
<button className="btn -default pull-left" onClick={this.props.previousStep}>Back</button>
<button className="btn -primary pull-right" onClick={this.props.submitRegistration}>Submit Registration</button>
module.exports = Confirmation