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Contacts and Birthday Reminder app powered by React Native(Expo), Firebase, and Redux


  1. Clone the repository locally.
  2. In terminal, cd to the repository folder and run npm install.
  3. Make sure you have Expo installed on your mobile device.
  4. In the /config/ directory, rename index.sample.js to index.js and enter in your Firebase app credentials.
  5. Run npm run start to run the app using Expo.
  6. Open Expo on your phone and use the QR code scanner to open the app.

App Usage

  • Create an account w/ a secure password using the Register button on the home screen.
  • Login using your email and password.
  • Create a contact using the Add button on the top-right of the Contacts tab.
  • On the Profile page, enter your own profile data which can be shared to others using the Share button.
  • On the Home Screen, use the Sync Contacts button to sync your contacts online.
  • On the Profile page you can also import contacts using the exported JSON from the aforementioned Share button.
  • The Birthdays tab will show contacts which have a birthday within the next 30 days.

Bugs & Enhancements

  • Please create an issue for any bugs or enhancement requests you have and include as much detail as possible to reproduce the problem(if it's a bug).
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