Great Boxee bits and bobs for developing Boxee apps
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Useful Bits and Bobs for Developing Boxee Apps

Automated Packaging

Download the build script (NAnt\ and put in a folder inside your app in a folder called "Build".

Create 3 descriptor files in your app root, one for each location the app will exist or be deployed to. They must have these names (conventions!).

  • descriptor.xml - the version of the app that your developing in your current apps folder on your dev machine. This will have the test-app tag in it. eg App Id = greatboxee.myvids
  • descriptor.beta.xml - the version of the app that will be deployed to your custom repository eg App Id = greatboxee-beta.myvids
  • - the version of the app that will be deployed to the official Boxee repository eg App Id = myvids

Full details here on how to use the packaging script

The Examples folder contains a full working example.

NB This is the NAnt version of the packaging script. There's also a Rake version in the Boxee Boilerplate

Thumbnail Template

A photoshop template for creating app thumbnails. With a sash for each environment type (dev, beta etc) to distinguish between the environments the app is from.