Scripting DevonThink with Ruby
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This is early code, so don't trust it. Do the backup in the Finder, not just internally in DevonThink, using
the Backup & Optimize... command (that will not back up the actual files).

DevonThink-helper - using Ruby to control DevonThink

This is a test on using Ruby (instead of AppleScript) to control DevonThink.

For the moment, it can:

 * Take all records that have the same URL and consolidate them into one record, with replicas in all places where
   the records used to be.

   Cavets:  Will choose what record to replicate randomly.

            I'm not sure that tags are handled correctly (they probably are, but I've not tested it enough to be sure.)

            If you intentionally have several version of the page saved - maybe to have a historical documentation -
            they will be lost.

            Will change the database, so please make sure there is a backup before you run it.

 * Take PDF files of web-pages, replace them with Readability-versions of the page and transform it to rtf.
   At least on my databases, the Move To/See Also-functionality used to be worthless. After applying Readability to
   the pages, the results are much better. Also, it reduces the size of the database considerably.

   Cavets:  Will download the page again (so in worst case, if the page has disapered from the web, it will be replaced
            by a 404)

            While Readability does a decent job, it can sometime fail to identify the relevant content of the page.

            While TextEdit is does a reasonable job formatting the page, the result is not always pretty.

            TextEdit will flash pages on the screen while the script is running.

            Will change the database, so please make sure there is a backup before you run it.

 * Attach a script to RTF records that has an URL. The provided script will automatically open the URL in Safari in
   the background, when a record is selected.

There is no user interface (not even command line), so the only way of controlling it is to write code in
the "if __FILE__ == $0 then" section, or calling if from another script.

Logs are written to ~/Library/Logs/Ruby/DevonThink_helper

Scripting DevonThink with Ruby
If you want to use Ruby to script DevonThink, I hope this code will give you some pointers on how to get started.

The biggest hurdle is to figure out the syntax for the commands, since the documentation is weak or nonexistent.
Also, you can often guess the syntax if you know the corresponding AppleScript command, and I often find myself
reading the DevonThink AppleScript dictionary in order to figure out how different commands works and what arguments
they expect.

The .h file can also be a source of insight. Instructions on how to produce it here:

Scripting DevonThink with F-script
Even if you will use Ruby, I recommend learning some rudimentary F-script (, since F-scripts
"sys browse:" command will bring up a list of all available commands for an object.

Run these commands in the F-script window to bring up the object browser:

> devonthink := SBApplication applicationWithBundleIdentifier: 'com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2'
> sys browse: devonthink

Installation etc.
Tested with Ruby 1.8.7 (the version that comes with Snow Leopard)

Requires these gems:

* 'readability' # (From
* 'open-uri'
* 'log4r'

Please note that 'readability' requires 'nokogiri' (,
which is said to be tricky to install. However, I had no trouble installing, using MacPorts and the instructions here:
(Please note that there are two versions/forks (?) of MacPorts. I used the one called MacPorts, *not* Darwinports.)

Git access, bugs etc.
I have little time to spend on this, so don't expect frequent updates (or, likely, any updates at all).

But please feel free to fork it, or to do whatever you want with the code here.

/Tommy Sundström