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NGXS: Angular State Management

Ngxs for Angular ( origional :NGRX application using Angular, NGRX Store, Effects, Router Store).

  • Angular 6
  • rxjs 6
  • ngxs 3

This repo serves as the seed project for the Ultimate Angular NGRX Store + Effects course as well as the final solution in stepped branches, come and learn NGRX with us!

Setup and install | Tasks | Resources

Setup and install

Fork this repo from inside GitHub so you can commit directly to your account, or simply download the .zip bundle with the contents inside.

Dependency installation

During the time building this project, you'll need development dependencies of which run on Node.js, follow the steps below for setting everything up (if you have some of these already, skip to the next step where appropriate):

  1. Download and install Node.js here for Windows or for Mac.

That's about it for tooling you'll need to run the project, let's move onto the project install.

Project installation and server

Now you've pulled down the repo and have everything setup, using the terminal you'll need to cd into the directory that you cloned the repo into and run some quick tasks:

cd <ngxs-pizza-order>
yarn install
# OR
npm install

This will then setup all the development and production dependencies we need.

Now simply run this to boot up the server:

yarn start
# OR
npm start

Visit localhost:3000 to start building.


A quick reminder of all tasks available:

Development server

yarn start
# OR
npm start


There are several resources used inside this project, of which you can read further about to dive deeper or understand in more detail what they are:


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