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PS4 controller midi interface (currently designed to send CV from the BeatStepPro)
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PS4 controller interface to send control voltage through a midi2cv adapter

Currently set up to send pitch/velocity CV on channels 1 and 2 for the left and righthand joysticks of a PS4 controller. This gives you unipolar CV on a BeatStepPro, or perhaps bipolar CV on a midi2cv controller that supports bipolar standards (-5v to 5v volt/octave).

Should be able to pip install then just python It'll ask you what midi interface to use, then you can go from there.

Inspired by + incorporated some work from this cool Euclidean Rhythm / BeatStepPro project by OctoEuclid and this Python / PS4 controller class from claymcleod.


  • allow for custom channel selection for both cv/vel/gate outputs and the eight gates
  • create customizable mapping for buttons/gates
  • more graceful exit
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