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AppsFlyer integration for Redux Beacon
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An integration for sending events to AppsFlyer via Redux Beacon.



To use this package, you need Redux Beacon set up on your app. Refer to their instructions here for how to do that.

You also need AppsFlyer SDK set up. To do this, follow their instructions for the React Native plugin here.

Once Redux Beacon and AppsFlyer are both set up, you are ready to implement this package. First install it with npm or Yarn:

yarn add redux-beacon-react-native-appsflyer


npm install redux-beacon-react-native-appsflyer --save


import appsFlyer from 'react-native-appsflyer`
import reduxBeaconAppsFlyer from 'redux-beacon-react-native-appsflyer'

const rbAF = reduxBeaconAppsFlyer(
  success => console.log("AppsFlyer Event: ", success),
  error => console.error("AppsFlyer event unsuccessful: ", error)

The first parameter is the AppsFlyer object (which has already been set up in your application by calling appsFlyer.initSdk() with the necessary parameters as explained by their documentation). The second parameter is a success callback and the third is an error callback.

Next, create an event map for Redux Beacon:

const eventMap = {
    reduxAction1: () => ({
      event: "AppsFlyer event"
      // more key-value pairs
    reduxAction2: () => ({
      event: "Another AppsFlyer event"

Finally, pass both of these into createMiddleware:

import { createMiddleware } from 'redux-beacon'

createMiddleware(eventMap, rbAF)

More detailed set up for Redux Beacon can be found at their documentation.

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