Open-source code for my personal website, built on Gatsby
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Source code for my site, which will soon be hosted at I am actively developing it right now using React.js, using the excellent Gatsby. To provide content, I am using Contentful.

I aim to have a 0.0.1 version hosted somewhere by 01/01/18, although that may be a little ambitious (ha! well that didn't happen...). I am opening up the code so that a) potential employers can take a look at it b) people can create pull requests with suggestions for how to improve the code - either security, performance, best practices, etc. Hopefully I've written it alright but I'm sure there's room to improve!

I will try to follow an agile approach, i.e branching off the master, opening a PR when the feature is ready and then merging that PR, however as I'm working on my own, I may just skip the formality sometimes. I also endeavour to write unit tests, but as I've set myself quite a tight deadline for the initial version, I will probably write the tests after I have the main bulk of v0.0.1 complete. I am considering opening up my Trello list of features/bug fixes, but have not done so yet.

Thanks for looking!