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docs: add masternode.env instructions

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# Private network image

This image contains all the requirements to run the different parts of a private network.

A private network required at minimum 1 genesis file and 3 masternodes to work.

You can also add:

- A state page (display the current network activity)
- A faucet (to generate coins easily)

## Usage

- [Genesis](#genesis)
- [Masternode](#masternode)

### Genesis

Create a genesis file with puppeth.
@@ -106,11 +116,61 @@ jq .genesis $HOME/.puppeth/name_of_your_network > $HOME/genesis.json

Fill in the missing values in `masternode.env`:

- **TAG**

This is the tag of the image used.
You'd normally only need `stable` so it's allready filled.


This is the name of your node on the network.
Should be unique.


This is the private key of the masternode account.
The account should only be used for this purpose.


This is the list of bootnodes your node will connect to.
Should be a comma separated list of values without whitespaces.


This is the path to your custom genesis file.
If you created it with pupper as instructed in the file, it will be in `./genesis.json`.


This is your private chain network id.
If you set it manually in your genesis, use this number.
If you let puppeth chose a random network id, you can find it back in the `genesis.json` file.


This is the logging level used by your node.
1 is `FATAL`, 2 is `ERROR`, 3 is `INFO`, 4 is `DEBUG`, 5 and upper are `TRACE`.


This is the address of the stats website for your node to report to.


This is the port of the stats website for your node to connect to.


This is the the secret required to use the stats website sebsocket.


This is the location of the chaindata on your server.
It can be either a docker volume name or a file system absolute path.

Start your node.

docker-compose up -d -f masternode.yml

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