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Latest snapshot: [download]( (80.7 GB)

The following commands are step by step instructions for Tomo masternode operators that can be used for two major use-cases:

1. Fixing nodes that are stuck; evidenced by a node that stays on a block and doesn't progress
2. Jumpstarting a newly setup masternode; avoid waiting a week for synchronization

Basically, you download a compressed version of the last-known "good" chaindata. This comes from Tomochain Ptd on a weekly basis. You remove the nodes old data and update it with the newly downloaded data. Finally you restart the sync-process from this known-good checkpoint.

*Note: Assure that you have enough disk space for both the tar file AND its uncompressed contents. Double the space or more.*

# Login as user that has access to tmn
# Download Tomo's chaindata archive (make sure you have enough disk space available)
wget -P /tmp
# Stop your node (for tmn users)
tmn stop
# or in the node folder (for docker-compose users)
docker-compose stop
# Find the name of your volume
docker volume ls
# Remove your node old data
sudo rm -rf /var/lib/docker/volumes/NAME_OF_YOUR_VOLUME/_data/data/tomo/chaindata
# Find the name of your volume
docker volume ls
# Extract the data
cd /tmp
sudo tar xvC /var/lib/docker/volumes/NAME_OF_YOUR_VOLUME/_data/data/tomo/ -f 20190617.tar
# Start your node back(for tmn users)
tmn start
# or in the node folder (for docker-compose users)
docker-compose start
# If you're really running out of space, remove the tar file
# keeping it might be a good idea if you get stuck further before a new snapshot is released
rm /tmp/20190617.tar
@@ -94,6 +94,7 @@ nav:
- Docker: masternode/
- Binary: masternode/
- Applying for Masternode Candidacy: masternode/
- Chaindata Snapshots: masternode/
# - Contributing: misc/
# - FAQ: misc/
- Whitepapers and research:

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