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### Is TomoChain migrating to Binance Chain?

No we are not. We are simply offering a 2-way bridge to allow TomoChain holders to operate on Binance Chain (TomoChain <-> Binance Chain). This is TomoChain’s first real test of cross-chain compatibility using TomoBridge.

### What is TOMOB?

TomoChain has issued BEP-2 TOMO tokens on Binance Chain called TOMOB. With the creation of TOMOB, we have locked up an equal number of native TOMO to ensure the total supply remains the same.

### Can I trade TOMOB on Binance DEX now after swapping?

Not yet. We are in the process of proposing to be approved for listing on Binance DEX. Please wait for our official announcement on this. At this stage, you can only convert your native TOMO to TOMOB on Binance Chain in preparation for listing.

### How do I swap my TOMO to TOMOB?

Check out this video for details: [TomoBridge Tutorial](

### How do I swap from TOMOB back to TOMO?

This feature will be available 3 months after the successful listing on Binance DEX. In case the proposal to list is not accepted, the 2-way migration will be available by July 14.

### Why is TomoChain requesting for 2,000,000 TOMO to be migrated to TOMOB?

Reaching this target will signal confidence and provide adequate liquidity for our listing on Binance DEX. We appreciate the community’s support in helping to make this listing a reality.

### Can TomoB be staked?

No you can't stake TomoB.
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To be updated.
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- TomoWallet:
- Features: products/tomowallet/
- Voting with TomoWallet: products/tomowallet/
- TomoBridge:
- FAQ: products/tomobridge/
- TomoIssuer: products/tomoissuer/
# - Getting started: misc/
# - Contributing: misc/
- Masternode:

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