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Masternodes and stakers is stored and governared in [TomoChain Validator smart contract](

- Smart Contract Code: [TomoChain Validator](
- Smart Contract ABI: [TomoValidatorAbi.json](

TomoChain Validator Smart Contract Interface:
// apply a new masternode candidate
function propose(address _candidate) external payable
function propose(address _candidate) external payable;
// Deposit to stake/vote for a candidate
function vote(address _candidate) external payable
function vote(address _candidate) external payable;
// Unstake/unvote for a candidate
function unvote(address _candidate, uint256 _cap) public
function unvote(address _candidate, uint256 _cap) public;
// Resign a candidate
function resign(address _candidate) public
function resign(address _candidate) public;
// Withdraw after unvote, resign
function withdraw(uint256 _blockNumber, uint _index) public
function withdraw(uint256 _blockNumber, uint _index) public;
function getCandidates() public view returns(address[])
function getCandidates() public view returns(address[]);
function getCandidateCap(address _candidate) public view returns(uint256)
function getCandidateCap(address _candidate) public view returns(uint256);
function getCandidateOwner(address _candidate) public view returns(address)
function getCandidateOwner(address _candidate) public view returns(address);
function getVoterCap(address _candidate, address _voter) public view returns(uint256)
function getVoterCap(address _candidate, address _voter) public view returns(uint256);
function getVoters(address _candidate) public view returns(address[])
function getVoters(address _candidate) public view returns(address[]);
function isCandidate(address _candidate) public view returns(bool)
function isCandidate(address _candidate) public view returns(bool);
function getWithdrawBlockNumbers() public view returns(uint256[])
function getWithdrawBlockNumbers() public view returns(uint256[]);
function getWithdrawCap(uint256 _blockNumber) public view returns(uint256)
function getWithdrawCap(uint256 _blockNumber) public view returns(uint256);

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