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TomoMaster provides a user-oriented and master professional level UI that brings governance power back to the users. Any coin-holder can deposit 50k $TOMO through TomoMaster to become a masternode candidate. For coin-holders, TomoMaster allows for them to vote for masternodes and the decentralized governance without violating the decentralization nature of blockchain. This is realized by seamlessly connecting TomoMaster to well-known Ethereum wallets such as MetaMask and MyEtherWallet. TomoMaster also explores masternode performance statistics for coin-holders to take their voting decision.

The Moon version release provides the following features that are included in the TomoChain Public Testnet 2.0 ecosystem. Specifically, what users can do in this Moon release are as follows:

  • Users/token-holders vote for masternodes: each vote requires sending at least 10 TOMO to the voting smart contract.
  • Users can unvote and withdraw their votes for a masternode. The withdrawal is only valid two days after the unvote transaction has been made.
  • Calculate rewards for voters and masternodes: Rewards are directly paid for voters and masternodes at the end of each epoch.
  • Current list of masternodes and candidates
  • Monitor masternode's performance: Mertrics such as CPU, RAM usage, the amount of voted tokens, masternodes' signatures.
  • Infrastructure for nodes to apply to become a candidate