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FBOSINT - A tool to replace facebook graph search
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Facebook OSINT Tool

  • A tool for more easily indexing public facebook information
  • Replaces the now-removed graph search after it was removed on 19/06/19
  • Now a part of BlackArch Linux as of 25/12/19


  • I don't condone using tools similar to this for e-stalking or other malicious purposes
  • This tool is created with the intent to help you lock down what is visible to the public on your own account
  • This is a work in progress, it does the job but I'll add to it occasionally


help - List usage
settarget - set the target facebook page (takes name, ID or URL)
setquery - set the query that gets entered in the search box
addfilter - add a filter (examples coming soon...)
getposts [url] - open your query result in your browser (url to print url to terminal instead)
listvars - list all the variables of your query
clear - Clear the terminal

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