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It's a supplementary tool along with any GUI for git, for example SourceTree. YOU ARE WELCOME TO EXTEND THE TOOL !
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  1. copy to your git repository.
  2. open the git-bash.exe from the following location [I assume git has been installed at C:\Program Files\Git]

C:\Program Files\Git\git-bash.exe

  1. go to the git repository using command line.

  2. ./ -help


to see current branch history graph

to see all commits log that contains the search patern

to see all commits between tags

search file

to see the difference between local and remote branches

to see tag difference between local and remote repository

to push a tag

to delete a tag

to delete last commit from the current [unpushed]branch.

to list all stash

to apply a stash to current branch

to update all submodule recursively for the current branch

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