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UCMA Speech Transcription and Translation Bot Sample

This is the source code which accompanies the blog post: Building a Speed Transcription and Translation Bot in Skype for Business using UCMA and Microsoft Translator API


This sample application uses the Microsoft Translator API to provide a real-time transcription and translation of audio from a Skype for Business conversation. Either place an audio call to the bot directly, or drag it into a conversation. More information in the blog post.

Code Disclaimer

To quote James Whittaker: “you might be a creative if … you are less proud of the code you wrote than the possibilities it creates.”

This code is written in a hurry. It’s written in time snatched at home after work, at weekends, in between doing chores. It’s messy. Class files are large, nulls abound, comments are scarce. The potential for an exception to break everything is high. It’s still a Console Application.

And that’s OK. Because I’ve spent the limited time I’ve had in proving a point, in doing something which (as far I know) hasn’t been done yet. This code isn’t ready for production use, it’s meant as a learning aid, as a stepping stone to something greater. If you’re the sort of person that cares more about how the code looks than what it does, this code probably isn’t for you. Feel free to step out of the way of those of us that are happy to hold our noses in order to get stuff done. There is absolutely a time for well-written, easily maintainable code, but a POC is not it.

About Me

My name is Tom Morgan and I blog about developing software solutions with Microsoft Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Cognitive Services and AI. For more code samples, see the full list at thoughtstuff.co.uk/code