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A common lisp web application framework
Common Lisp JavaScript

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web4r is a continuations-based web application framework written in Common Lisp. The goal of web4r is enabling users to develop web applications with the shortest codes. (The shortness is about a number of tokens.)

The "Hello World" Application:

(require :web4r)
(use-package :web4r)

(defpage hello (:get (name "world"))
  [p "Hello, " name])


; wget http://localhost:8080/hello => '<p>Hello, world</p>'
; wget http://localhost:8080/hello?name=tomo => '<p>Hello, tomo</p>'

Arc Challenge:

(defpage said ()
  (form/cont (a/cont [p "You said: " (last-post "foo")] "click here")
   (input-text "foo")))

Blog Application:

(ele:open-store *example-bdb*)

(defpclass blog ()
  ((title :length 50 :index t)
   (body  :length 3000)))

(genpages blog)


API Documentation

Note: These documents are included under the web4r/docs directory

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