A simple note manager using Ionic framework.
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#simpleNote - a Simple Note Manager

In this project we'll develop a hybrid mobile app, using test-driven development approach, developing in Ionic Framework.

The app is a note manager. You can store your notes locally, you can update the content of notes and you can filter them by any keyword. You can also use markdown language to style and structure the body of your notes. As regards markdown editing we use the Pagedown library and Pagedown-Extra plugin.

If you are curious about the development work flow, just check out the development.log.md file for the details.

##Prerequisites of building the app

  • Node.js
  • Install Ionic and Cordova globally: $ npm install -g ionic cordova
  • Clone the project
  • Install Node packages: $ npm install
  • Install Bower packages: $ bower install
  • You need Grunt globally: $ npm install -g grunt
  • Follow the Android and iOS platform guides to install required platform dependencies
  • Check out Ionic Generator documentation
  • I recommend checking out my blogpost about creating hybrid mobile apps with Ionic framework and this post about setting up dev framework for developing ionic app with TDD.

##Build the app

  • Add platform: $ grunt platform:add:<platform> (ios / android)
  • Build the project from the project library: $ grunt build

##Run the app

You can

  • emulate a device: $ grunt emulate:<platform>
  • run the app on a device: attach your device and $ grunt run
  • share the app via Ionic View

For more information check out Ionic Generator.

##Test the app

The test runs on PhantomJS, using the Karma test runner.

Run your tests with $ grunt test.