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@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ Please note this gem not yet used in production. If you want to help, please con
## Features
* Multi-App
-* Multi-Provider (APNS, GCM, C2DM)
+* Multi-Provider ([APNS](, [GCM](, [C2DM](
* Integrated feedback processing
* Rake task to cleanup the database
* Database for storage (no external dependencies)
@@ -45,20 +45,21 @@ APNS ([see](
Push::ConfigurationApns.create(app: 'app_name', connections: 2, enabled: true,
- feedback_poll: 60).save
+ feedback_poll: 60,
+ sandbox: false)
C2DM ([see](
Push::ConfigurationC2dm.create(app: 'app_name', connections: 2, enabled: true,
email: '<email address here>',
- password: '<password here>').save
+ password: '<password here>')
GCM ([see](
Push::ConfigurationGcm.create(app: 'app_name', connections: 2, enabled: true,
- key: '<api key here>').save
+ key: '<api key here>')
You can have each provider per app_name and you can have more than one app_name. Use the instructions below to generate the certificate for the APNS provider. If you only want to prepare the database with the configurations, you can set the `enabled` switch to `false`. Only enabled configurations will be used by the daemon.
@@ -98,29 +99,31 @@ Where `<environment>` is your Rails environment and `<options>` can be:
## Sending notifications
app: 'app_name',
device: '<APNS device_token here>',
alert: 'Hello World',
+ sound: '1.aiff',
+ badge: 1,
- attributes_for_device: {key: 'MSG'}).save
+ attributes_for_device: {key: 'MSG'})
app: 'app_name',
device: '<C2DM registration_id here>',
payload: { message: 'Hello World' },
- collapse_key: 'MSG').save
+ collapse_key: 'MSG')
app: 'app_name',
device: '<GCM registration_id here>',
payload: { message: 'Hello World' },
- collapse_key: 'MSG').save
+ collapse_key: 'MSG')
## Feedback processing
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