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My tmuxinator config + a few handy aliases + my .tmux.config

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My .tmuxinator Config


My tmuxinator config + a few handy aliases + my .tmux.config

Chances are, you don't want to use these files unless you're me :-)

You can see examples of my alias below in the Examples section.


Please note that the instructions below are for a machine that will use my entire tmux setup. These steps should not be performed on a machine if you don't want to break you curren tmux or tmuxinator settings.

# Install tmux using apt-get or whatever.
# Install tmuxinator (
$ cd $HOME
# Use the git read only url if you're not me.
$ mv .tmuxinator .tmuxinator.bkup
$ git clone .tmuxinator
$ ln -s $HOME/.tmuxinator/tmux.conf ~/.tmux.conf
$ echo "source $HOME/.tmuxinator/aliases" >> ~/.bashrc
$ echo "source $HOME/.tmuxinator/functions" >> ~/.bashrc
$ source .bashrc # <= First time only


Attaching To A New Session

Let's say that you just started your computer and opened a terminal, and you would like to start working on a Ruby script. Let's also assume that you already have a profile file under ~/.tmuxinator/ called rails-foo. You would start this "session" by typing the following command:

$ sa rails-foo

Re-Attaching To An Existing Session

Now let's say that you want to check your system mail using mutt. You know that you have a Screen profile called localhost that has a mutt window, so you decide to open it.

Now, before you open a new Screen session using the localhost profile, let's see if you are already have one running. Usually, it doesn't make sense to open multiple Screen sessions using the same profile because it's confusing and wastes resources. So let's see which Screen sessions are already running on your machine:

tom@flanders:~$ sls
localhost: 3 windows (created Tue Jun  5 21:54:13 2012) [140x46]

What do you know? I already had a localhost session running. So let's reattach to that:

$ sr localhost

Ta-da! I'm now back in my old locahost Screen session.

Closing A Session

Not yet implemented.


For more information, please see the functions and alises files.

sa session_name
Create a Screen session
List all screen sessions
sr [session_name]
Reattach to an existing session. If you don't provide a session name, then you will attach to the first session listed using the sls command.
sk session_name
Not yet implemented.
Not yet implemented.
sd session_name
Not yet implemented.
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