This project derives content heavily from iOS Certificate, Key, and Trust Programming guide. It's primary purpose is to give the user the ability to quickly import/export RSA private keys from the keychain to the console.
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This iOS 4.3 project was created in Xcode 4.  The most important class in this project is "Crypto".  It contains the following functions in its public interface:

These functions are slightly modified (fixing typos) from functions given in Apple's Certificate, Key, and Trust Programming Guide:

+(void)generateKeyPairWithPublicTag:(NSString *)publicTagString privateTag:(NSString *)privateTagString;

The following methods are designed to import PEM formatted RSA keys from strings and place in your keychain (slightly modified from these wonderful resources: and

+(void)setPrivateKey:(NSString *)pemPrivateKeyString tag:(NSString *)tag;
+(void)setPublicKey:(NSString *)pemPublicKeyString tag:(NSString *)tag;

// These methods are here to export RSA keys from keychain to strings in PEM format (Also taken from and

+(NSString *)getX509FormattedPublicKey:(NSString *)tag;
+(NSString *)getPEMFormattedPrivateKey:(NSString *)tag;

// Method to remove key from keychain:

+(void)removeKey:(NSString *)tag;

// See ViewController viewDidLoad method for example usage