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+This folder is a subsection of a presentation on distributing high-CPU activities (like factoring) using
+BOINC (the thing behind SETI@Home). This is a dry howto of factoring a 512 bit semiprime using the raw tools
+and NOT distributing it using BOINC. The $140 and 30 hour figure comes when you wire it all up in BOINC so
+parts are automated and you're not going crazy trying to control 200 computers at once. (BOINC does that for you.)
+I mean you could try of course, but your Alt+Tabbing would have to be mighty strong. ;)
+Likewise, the slides just brush over the math very briefly and don't go into much detail. (This was afterall a
+spoken presentation.) The slides in the main directory may shed a little more light on the subject and BOINC:
+ & Control - notes.txt
While there are the perl and python drivers that try to make it 'easy' to do,
I find it more straightforward to compile and run the tools myself.

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