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X.509 Certificate Parser for Python

This is probably the most complete parser of X.509 certificates in python.

pyasn1 >= 0.1.4

Code is in alpha stage! Don't use for anything sensitive. I wrote it (based on
previous work of colleagues) since there is no comprehensive python parser for
X.509 certificates. Often python programmers had to parse openssl output.


- I find it less painful to use than parsing output of 'openssl x509'
- somewhat stricter in extension parsing compared to openssl


- it's slow compared to openssl (about 2.3x compared to RHEL's openssl-1.0-fips)
- currently not very strict in what string types in RDNs it accepts
- API is still rather ugly and has no documentation yet; code is nasty at some
  places (and there's some old dangling code like pkcs7/

Parsing utility:

There is testing utility that shows how to extract information from certificates
programatically. It can be run from command line:

    python pyx509/ path/to/certificate.der

Known bugs and quirks:

- name constraints don't distinguish among various GeneralName subtypes
- some extensions are not shown very nicely when put in string format
- not all extensions are supported
- string types accepted for various RDN subelements are rather too permissive
- RDN string conversion does not conform to RFC 4514
- badly formed extensions are ignored if not marked critical
  - easy to switch to more strict behavior
  - other clients do this as well; RFC 5280 specifies behavior for unknown
    elements in extensions in appendix B.1, but does not cover all cases (e.g.
    element exists, but with string type different from spec)


Parser of X.509 certificates



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