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dbclayout.xml update #1

nelegalno opened this Issue · 0 comments

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Updated version of GemProperties.dbc fields:

  <GemProperties build="12340">
    <field type="int" name="ID" />
    <field type="int" name="iRefID_SpellItemEnchantment" />
    <field type="int" name="maxcount_inv" />
    <field type="int" name="maxcount_item " />
    <field type="int" name="type" />

Achievement_Criteria.dbc fields:

  <Achievement_Criteria build="12340">
    <field type="int" name="ID" />
    <field type="int" name="referredAchievement" />
    <field type="int" name="requiredType" />
    <field type="int" name="asset_id" />
    <field type="int" name="quantity" />
    <field type="int" name="start_event" />
    <field type="int" name="start_asset" />
    <field type="int" name="fail_event" />
    <field type="int" name="fail_asset" />
    <field type="string" name="Description01" />
    <field type="string" name="Description02" />
    <field type="string" name="Description03" />
    <field type="string" name="Description04" />
    <field type="string" name="Description05" />
    <field type="string" name="Description06" />
    <field type="string" name="Description07" />
    <field type="string" name="Description08" />
    <field type="string" name="Description09" />
    <field type="string" name="Description10" />
    <field type="string" name="Description11" />
    <field type="string" name="Description12" />
    <field type="string" name="Description13" />
    <field type="string" name="Description14" />
    <field type="string" name="Description15" />
    <field type="string" name="Description16" />
    <field type="string" name="name_flags" />
    <field type="int" name="flags" />
    <field type="int" name="timedType" />
    <field type="int" name="timerStartEvent" />
    <field type="int" name="timeLimit" />
    <field type="string" name="showOrder" />
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