Publishing TypeScript project on NPM made easy!
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Publishing a TypeScript module on NPM made easy!

Distributing TypeScript package on NPM is not as straightforward as it should be, that's why I decided to put together the information I gathered while addressing the issue.

You can find out all the information on my blog post.

Note: as of now, I could not get it to work for TypeScript 1.6 nor 1.7, so stick with the 1.5.3 template.

Building the sample for ES3, ES5 and ES6

Just cd in TypeScript-1.5.3 and:

$ tsc @ES3.params
# or
$ tsc @ES5.params
# or
$ tsc @ES6.params

Then run:

node Main.js      # for ES3 and ES5
# or
node Main-ES6.js  # for ES6

A node_modules directory in a Git repo, seriously? Don't you know gitignore?

Yup, and that's actually the most interesting thing you have to check out on this repo, as it's a working example of how to package TypeScript code for NPM.

The Main.ts file at the root of the project demonstrate the concept. That's why node_modules is part of the repo!