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-ReadBeam - Subscribe to Online Content
+# ReadBeam
+## Beam your reading
+ReadBeam lets you beam your daily reading material to your Kindle, iPad or other reading devices. Subscribe to e.g. _The Economist_, _New York Times_, _The Guardian_ or any of your favorite blogs out there. Get your news delivered to you automatically every morning. You'll find hundreds of pre-made recipes - or you can roll your own - to manage the download and conversion automatically.
-Subscribe to newspapers, blogs and magazines and more on your
-Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad and other ebook reading devices.
+This Ruby on Rails app is a web-frontend to subscriptions managed by calibre.
-This Ruby on Rails app is a web-frontend to subscriptions managed by calibre.
+## ReadBeam uses Calibre
+ReadBeam, at it's core, uses calibre to convert online content into mobi or epub files suitable for your ebook-reader.
+_Citing from [](
+> "calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application
+> developed by users of e-books for users of e-books."
+Calibre is copyright [Kovid Goyal](
+## ReadBeam recipes therefore work like calibre recipes
+Just copy and past one of these recipes or write your own and - please - publish it for others to use. The recipes collected here are the work of many people. Please check the recipe file for the respective author and license.
+## Contributing
+Please hack away on ReadBeam. It is open-sourced under the MIT-license.
+## More info
+* [Calibre original recipes repository](
+* [Recipe API description](
+## Questions?

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