Helper functions and R Markdown templates for data analysis
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trsmisc: Miscellaneous R Functions & Templates

The package trsmisc provides functions, templates, theme extensions, and more to support R programming. Presently, its key component is a new R Markdown template that produces clean PDF output using XeLaTeX.

R Markdown Templates

The key component of this package so far is an R Markdown template for producing simple, clean PDF documents via XeLaTeX. To use this PDF template, you must have three open-source fonts installed:

You must also have a working LaTeX installation that includes XeLaTeX. I use MacTeX, but I am also aware of the R package tinytex. In recent installations, I have found that the following packages are required beyond the BasicTeX installation:

  • titlesec
  • lastpage

After installing this package, one can reference the template as follows:

title: "My Possibly-Interesting Analysis"
date: \today
output: trsmisc::pdf_simple

# Gravitational Waves

<super interesting work here>

Or, create a new R Markdown document "From Template" in RStudio.


I don't plan to send this package to CRAN or anything, but you can use devtools to install it directly from GitHub:



This package is licensed under the BSD 3-Clause License (see file LICENSE). The package also includes a citation style from to format bibliographies. The CSL is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license.