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Infinity-Squared CHANGELOG
Infinity Squared changelog
2.0 (March 2015)
* New, more spaced out design.
* SVG based Retina graphics, based on Font Awesome.
* Custom social sharing buttons.
* Nicer, larger font.
* Mobile first design.
* Improved error page. Now it has an actual footer, and the errors can be more easily displayed using the `display_error()` function.
* Decent antispam system. If the user is logged in, antispam protection is ommited. If not, reCAPTCHA keys can be supplied for Google's new tick-CAPTCHA to be used. If both of those are failed, basic fill-box protection is used.
* Shunned jQuery.
* Shunned the dependency on the soon-to-be deprecated Google Charts API, in favour of PHP QR Code.
* Using a different ZeroClipboard script and updating it's settings to more reliably find copy material.
* Dependency system for scripts, so scripts like ZeroClipboard are not loaded where they're not needed, such as on the index page. Dependencies are added to the `dependencies[]` array, and then if the dependency is in the array during loading, the script is loaded.
* Updated POT.
* Corrected all of the settings code in `index.php` and `results.php`. It should now more reliably detect whether settings are enabled or not.
1.6 (January 2014)
* reCAPTCHA support.
* Single new bookmarklet.
* Custom CSS styling which will not be overwritten on upgrade.
1.5 (August 2013)
Big changes:

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