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A Web Lemmings Clone/Remake in TypeScript - 🎉 Yes it's 100% JavaScript 🎉

[play the game]


  • Browser Game
  • Support all variants of Lemmings Game
  • Read original Lemmings binaries on the fly
  • Support playing of original music by interpreting the adlib.dat file and using an Adlib emulator(s) (DosBox)


  • fix some game issues
  • touch support

How to run

  • download the from releases
  • copy the original Lemmings, OhNo and Holiday binaries into the directory run/{version}/
  • start lemmings.html - because of security restrictions you may need to call the lemmings.html via a webserver e.g. nginx

How to compile

the project uses VUE as UI Framework VUE the game source can be found in src\game

  • install node.js
  • run npm i in a console to load package needed to build
  • run npm run build in a console to build the web-app-game to .\dist\ folder

How to develop

  • install node.js
  • run npm i in a console to load package needed to build
  • run npm run dev in Visual Studio Code to start the live-server

How to debug using Visual Studio Code

  • install Visual Studio Code
  • open project folder (root folder of the project) in Visual Studio Code
  • press Ctrl+Shift+B to start the live-server
  • use F5 to run the debugger


main demo1 demo2


Disclaimer: This Project does not claim rights to any Lemmings Version. To the best of our/my knowledge, these titles have been discontinued by their publishers. If you know otherwise, please contact us/me and we will remove them accordingly. Thank you for your attention. See the LICENSE for more information.

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Special thanks goes to:

  • DMA for the original game
  • Volker Oth, ccexplore and Mindless for their work on reverse engineering the Lemmings Level and Grafic Formats
  • DosBox for there OPL emulator