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A USN journal record parser for volatility.

A note on USN record versions. The literature I can find seems to suggest that starting with Windows NT 6.2 families (8/2012) the OS should be using version 3 records, and this plugin does support these records. That said, testing has shown that at least in memory, these OSs still seem to use v2 records. As such, unless otherwise specified with the -R3 flag, this plugin will always assume v2 records.

Installation & Usage

To use it copy the to your volatility /plugins folder, at which point volatility should see it and be able to use it.

$ --profile Win7SP1x64 -f Windows7SP1x64.vmem usnparser --output=csv -CS | head
Volatility Foundation Volatility Framework 2.3.1
2014-01-26 09:01:19.079,0x5056L,0x1L,0x7beL,0x1L,0x10f35c0L,"ngen_service.log",EXTEND & CLOSE,ARCHIVE
2014-01-26 09:01:19.079,0x7d8L,0x86L,0x7beL,0x1L,0x10f3620L,"ngen_service.lock",CREATE & DELETE & CLOSE,ARCHIVE
2014-01-26 09:01:19.142,0x7d8L,0x89L,0x28eL,0x1L,0x10f39d8L,"GACLock.dat",CREATE,ARCHIVE & TEMPORARY
2014-01-26 09:01:19.142,0x7d8L,0x89L,0x28eL,0x1L,0x10f3a30L,"GACLock.dat",CREATE & DELETE & CLOSE,ARCHIVE & TEMPORARY
2014-01-26 09:01:19.142,0x7d8L,0x8aL,0x28eL,0x1L,0x10f3a88L,"ngenlock.dat",CREATE,ARCHIVE & TEMPORARY
2014-01-26 09:01:17.457,0x7d8L,0x23L,0x7beL,0x1L,0x10e5f60L,"ngen_service.lock",CREATE & DELETE & CLOSE,ARCHIVE
2014-01-26 09:01:17.472,0x7f7L,0x1L,0x7f5L,0x1L,0x10e6000L,"a7efdcba40697d45a7b91e8be4d00d3c",DELETE & CLOSE,DIRECTORY

And the current version's help output (flags specific to usnparser start at "-T, --timestamp"):

$ usnparser -h
Volatility Foundation Volatility Framework 2.3.1
Usage: Volatility - A memory forensics analysis platform.

  -h, --help            list all available options and their default values.
                        Default values may be set in the configuration file
                        User based configuration file
  -d, --debug           Debug volatility
  --plugins=PLUGINS     Additional plugin directories to use (colon separated)
  --info                Print information about all registered objects
                        Directory where cache files are stored
  --cache               Use caching
  --tz=TZ               Sets the timezone for displaying timestamps
  -f FILENAME, --filename=FILENAME
                        Filename to use when opening an image
  --profile=Win7SP1x64  Name of the profile to load
  -l file:///home/vol/usn/Windows7SP1x64.vmem, --location=file:///home/vol/usn/Windows7SP1x64.vmem
                        A URN location from which to load an address space
  -w, --write           Enable write support
  --dtb=DTB             DTB Address
  --output=csv          Output in this format (format support is module
                        write output in this file
  -v, --verbose         Verbose information
  --shift=SHIFT         Mac KASLR shift address
  -g KDBG, --kdbg=KDBG  Specify a specific KDBG virtual address
  -k KPCR, --kpcr=KPCR  Specify a specific KPCR address
  -T, --timestamp       Print timestamps instead of human-readable dates
  -X, --unixtime        Use Unix Epoch 32-bit timestamps instead of native
                        Windows 64-bit timestamps (loses subsecond accuracy).
                        DOES NOT imply -T above.
  -C, --check           Don't show entries with timestamps outside of unix
                        epoch range to reduce corrupt entries
  -S, --strict          Enable stricter checks on record integrity to further
                        reduce corrupt entries
  -O, --offset          Show the physical offset for each record
                        Force version of USN record (2 or 3) to search for. In
                        testing so far all OS's seem to use version 2 records
                        in memory (even 8.1/2012r2 which purport to use R3).
                        As such, default is R2.
  -U, --unicode         Show unicode (utf-8) filenames. Be aware that due to
                        corrupted records there will likely be strange
                        characters in some places. Using -C and -S can help
                        cut this down.

Module USNParser
Scans for and parses USN journal records