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# encoding: utf-8
Simple utility for splitting user input.
* Brian Granger
* Fernando Perez
# Copyright (C) 2008-2009 The IPython Development Team
# Distributed under the terms of the BSD License. The full license is in
# the file COPYING, distributed as part of this software.
# Imports
import re
import sys
# Main function
# RegExp for splitting line contents into pre-char//first word-method//rest.
# For clarity, each group in on one line.
# WARNING: update the regexp if the escapes in interactiveshell are changed, as they
# are hardwired in.
# Although it's not solely driven by the regex, note that:
# ,;/% only trigger if they are the first character on the line
# ! and !! trigger if they are first char(s) *or* follow an indent
# ? triggers as first or last char.
# The three parts of the regex are:
# 1) pre: pre_char *or* initial whitespace
# 2) ifun: first word/method (mix of \w and '.')
# 3) the_rest: rest of line (separated from ifun by space if non-empty)
line_split = re.compile(r'^([,;/%?]|!!?|\s*)'
# r'[\w\.]+'
# r'\s*=\s*%.*'
def split_user_input(line, pattern=None):
"""Split user input into pre-char/whitespace, function part and rest.
This is currently handles lines with '=' in them in a very inconsistent
# We need to ensure that the rest of this routine deals only with unicode
if type(line)==str:
codec = sys.stdin.encoding
if codec is None:
codec = 'utf-8'
line = line.decode(codec)
if pattern is None:
pattern = line_split
match = pattern.match(line)
if not match:
# print "match failed for line '%s'" % line
ifun, the_rest = line.split(None,1)
except ValueError:
# print "split failed for line '%s'" % line
ifun, the_rest = line, u''
pre = re.match('^(\s*)(.*)',line).groups()[0]
pre,ifun,the_rest = match.groups()
# ifun has to be a valid python identifier, so it better encode into
# ascii. We do still make it a unicode string so that we consistently
# return unicode, but it will be one that is guaranteed to be pure ascii
ifun = unicode(ifun.encode('ascii'))
except UnicodeEncodeError:
the_rest = ifun + u' ' + the_rest
ifun = u''
#print 'line:<%s>' % line # dbg
#print 'pre <%s> ifun <%s> rest <%s>' % (pre,ifun.strip(),the_rest) # dbg
return pre, ifun.strip(), the_rest.lstrip()
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