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The ezjail-admin create -A switch is for internal use only. It is use…

…d, when ezjail-admin restore re-creates a jail from archive
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@@ -15,7 +15,6 @@
.Op Fl f Ar flavour
.Op Fl r Ar jailroot
.Op Fl a Ar archive
-.Op Fl A Ar options
.Op Fl c Ar jailtype Fl s Ar imagesize Op Fl C Ar attachargs
.Bk -words
.Ar jailname ipaddress Ns Op Ar ,ipaddress2,...
@@ -224,7 +223,7 @@ pointing to the location of the newly created jail.
Restore a jail from an archive created with
.Nm Cm archive .
The archive files are kept in
-.Pa /usr/jails/archive
+.Pa /usr/jails/ezjail_archives
by default. Use
.Pa -
to restore an archive from the standard input.
@@ -238,15 +237,6 @@ See also
.Nm Cm restore ,
if you only want to revert to an old jail's state from an archive on the same
release version.
-.It Fl A Ar jailconf
-Copy the comments, in particular the
-lines, from this jail.
-XXX: This is my understanding from the code. Is that correct?
.It Fl x
This flag indicates that an jail of that name already exists. In this case,
ezjail will only update the configuration of the jail. Sanity checks are

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