What Even Is A React (And So Can You!)
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What Even Is A React (And So Can You!)

This is a set of exercises for learning about React by reimplementing its core functionality from scratch. It takes the form of a series of automated tests that you must gradually enable. As you make each test pass, you’ll learn more about the React API and how it works under the hood.

To get started:

  • Clone this repo and cd into it.
  • Run npm install.
  • Run npm test. You’ll see a lot of pending tests and (hopefully) no failures.
  • Open lib/fake-react.js and lib/fake-react-dom.js in your editor. This is where your reimplementations of React and ReactDOM will live.
  • Open spec/react.spec.js in your editor and follow the instructions in the comments there. As you enable each test, run npm test again to see it fail, then write the necessary code in lib/fake-react.js and lib/fake-react-dom.js to make it pass.
  • If you get all the way to the end, open demo.html in your browser to see a working React app that uses the implementation you’ve just built.

There’s a cheat sheet with a summary of React, ReactDOM, DOM and JavaScript APIs that might be helpful for completing the exercises.