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Whitehall App

Getting set-up locally


  • Ruby 1.9
  • Rubygems and Bundler
  • Mysql
  • Imagemagick and Ghostscript (for generating thumbnails of uploaded PDFs)
  • PhantomJS (for running the Javascript tests)

Creating the mysql user

The database.yml for this project is checked into source control so you'll need a local user with credentials that match those in database.yml.

mysql> grant all on `whitehall\_%`.* to whitehall@localhost identified by 'whitehall';

Preparing the app

$ cd /path/to/whitehall
$ bundle install
$ bundle exec rake db:create:all
$ bundle exec rake db:schema:load

Running the server locally

$ script/rails s

Creating new users in Production

New users will need a sign-on-o-tron account before they can access whitehall in production. You can create new sign-on-o-tron accounts with the capistrano task in alphagov-deployment/sign-on-o-tron. This will email the new user and prompt them to create their account.

Using local assets

  • Set STATIC_DEV to point to your local instance of the static app when running the whitehall app e.g. STATIC_DEV=

Getting search running locally

The Whitehall app relies on a separate instance of Rummager for document search. The default (citizen) configuration is overridden by the whitehall-rummager project in the deployment repository.

To use a local copy of Rummager you'll need to:

  • Tell Rummager to use the whitehall Solr core by setting :path: "/solr/whitehall-rummager" in rummager/solr.yml.
  • Tell Rummager to listen for requests on the whitehall path prefix by setting :path_prefix: "/government" in rummager/router.yml.
  • Set RUMMAGER_HOST to point to the local instance of Rummager (e.g. export RUMMAGER_HOST= in .powrc).
  • You'll also need to set RUMMAGER_HOST when using the Rummager rake tasks e.g. RUMMAGER_HOST= rake rummager:index.
  • Optional: if you want to hit the Rummager app directly from a browser (i.e. not using Accept: application/json), e.g. to see how the citizen app works, then you may want to set SLIMMER_ASSET_HOST to point to your local instance of the static app.

To use a local copy of Solr - see the instruction in the Rummager