Mac OS X app to automatically set your desktop wallpaper to the satellite view overhead.
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Satellite Eyes

Satellite Eyes is a small OS X application that sits in your system tray (next to the clock) and automatically updates your desktop wallpaper to the satellite or map view overhead.

It's available for download at


Satellite Eyes (SE) is an Xcode 5.1 compatible project, targeting 10.8 upwards.

It's not very well documented, sorry, but it's not a big codebase, so I'm sure you'll work it out.

To build for Debug:

  1. Create a new Code Signing cert named "Mac Developer".

    If you don't have a Mac developer account and can't create a cert, you can disable code signing for local development. To do this, under Build Settings, set "Code Signing Identity" to "Don't Code Sign" for the Debug configuration on both the SatelliteEyes and LaunchAtLoginHelper targets. And you would also need to remove "Sign Sparkle.framework" from Build Phases.

  2. Set up the LaunchAtLoginHelper:

    cd LaunchAtLoginHelper
    python satelliteeyes
  3. Update project dependencies & create SatelliteEyes.xcworkspace using CocoaPods

    pod install

    (Install CocoaPods if you haven't: sudo gem install cocoapods.)

  4. Open SatelliteEyes.xcworkspace & Build!


Many thanks to the following folks for their contributions to Satellite Eyes:


If you want to contribute a feature or a bug fix to SE, that'd be great. I'll do my best to review them and include them where possible. Contributions would be especially appreciated for:

  • Ability to display imagery from interesting places around the world.
  • Controls for configuring each Space independently (the official APIs to do this are deprecated in 10.8).
  • Improving the visual appearance of the preferences pane
  • More map styles

If you are planning to land a major feature, please raise an issue to discuss it first.