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The Enabler plugin loads plugins/bundles (similar to pathogen) on demand as 
requested by the user. It's main goal is to manage your 'runtimepath' as 
needed. It thus allows users to have tons of vim plugins/bundles at their 
finger tips without slowing down startup time.

Enabler supports the following types of bundles:

    1. Bundles (see |g:enabler#dirs|) are enabled on explicit demand via 

    2. After invoking |:Autoenabler|, autobundles (see |g:enabler#auto#dirs|, 
       which defaults to |g:enabler#dirs|) are also enabled implicitly when:

        - setting a filetype (see |:Enablefiletype|)
        - editing a file matching a |regexp| (see |:Enablefilepattern|)
        - calling an unknown function (see |:Enableautoload|)
        - invoking a map (see |:Enablemap|)
        - calling a command (see |:Enablecommand|)

    3. Filetype bundles (see |g:enabler#ftbundle_dirs|) are enabled when 
       opening a file with a given filetype for the first time.

Enabler can also scan available plugins/bundles and generate stub commands and 
maps for you (see |:Enablegenerate|). These autoenabler definitions can be 
loaded via |:Autoenabler|.

The doc files of installed plugins/bundles can be made available via 

Most vim plugin managers try to do at least two things: manage your 
'runtimepath' and manage (install, update, remove) plugins. The Enabler plugin 
focuses on the first task, i.e., managing the 'runtimepath' variable and 
enabling plugins as needed. The Enabler plugin doesn't provide a way to 
download / install / update / remove / build these plugins. Users should use 
one of the other vim plugin managers available, shell scripts or whatever.

Enabler is the successor of the tplugin plugin.


Status:  Experimental
Install: See
See for related plugins.

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