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This experimental plugin provides some help with the definition of
functions that should be called when the cursor position changed.
When the cursor position changes, it first checks if a certain condition
is met and then calls functions registered in
b:hookcursormoved_{MODE}_{CONDITION} (an array).
In order to define new conditions, you have to set the variable
"g:hookcursormoved_{CONDITION}" to a function name (STRING). This
function takes the current mode (i .. insert mode; n ... normal mode)
as single argument.
Functions are best registered using |hookcursormoved#Register()|.
Example: >
function! WhatsGoingOn(mode) "{{{3
if mode == 'i'
elseif mode == 'n'
call hookcursormoved#Register('syntaxchange', function('WhatsGoingOn'))
Status: Works for me (there may be some minor quirks)
Install: See
See for related plugins.