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shymenu will show the menu bar only when the user presses an accelerator
key. The menu will be hidden again after an item was selected.
shymenu achieves this by defining key maps for those accelerator keys
(see 'winaltkeys') that would normaly activate a menu.
On a terminal, shymenu will define accelerator keys for the |:emenu|
In order to use this plugin, remove "m" from 'guioptions' by adding
something like this to your |vimrc| file, which will hide the menu bar
by default: >
set guioptions-=m
See also:
Many thanks to A Mechelynck for making me aware of 'wildcharm' and the
trick with |:emenu|.
Status: Works for me (there may be some minor quirks)
Install: See
See for related plugins.
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