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version: "0.02"
- Alternative, slightly more robust approach
- g:stakeholders#undo_breaks: Break undo sequences
- Globally enable, disable stakeholders; Replace* functions became methods of the stakeholders prototype
- If b:stakeholders_range is defined (e.g. by #EnableInRange()), replace placeholder only in that range.
MD5 checksum: 9878bd0328b2abd4a162f9efa45d3599
version: "0.03"
- .gitignore
- Support for tSkeleton's <+NAME/replacement+> syntax
- Make s:CursorMoved() accessible as stakeholders#CursorMoved() .
- s:Init(): run :g with :silent prefix
- addon-info
- Help template
MD5 checksum: acb1eb60cee1c8d45b4f519fd0f3fa3e