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A small ruby-based RPN-calculator with optional VIM integration
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It turns out that ruby is pretty good at maths and deals well with 
complex or rational numbers etc. Anyway, in certain occasions a postfix 
syntax and a stack are better suited for calculations than ruby's infix 
syntax. So, here comes ...

    A small ruby-based[*] RPN-calculator, a simple ASCII function 
    plotter, and stack-based playground :-).

The tcalc.rb script can also be used as a stand-alone calculator (with 
optional support for curses and readline). Run "tcalc --help" for 
information on the command-line options.

    - Numbers (anything that starts with "-" or a decimal)
    - Strings (anything that matches /^"(.*?)"$/)
        - Be aware that the strings and numbers get evaluated by ruby. 
          You can thus execute ruby code by input like: -1;p'foo'
    - Methods & constants of the following classes are available:
        Float    ::
        Complex  ::
        Rational ::
        Integer  ::
        Matrix   ::
        Vector   ::
        Math     ::
    - #N (pull the item at position N to the top)
    - Call words: WORD[COUNT][@ARRITY][,ARGUMENT]
        - If COUNT is "#", the top element will be used.
    - Enter, escape => exit

Tokens are separated by blanks (à la forth). The blanks between the 
words thus are significant.

[*] For use with VIM, built-in ruby support (:echo has('ruby')) is 


Status:  Works for me (there may be some minor quirks)
Install: See
See for related plugins.

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