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benmills commented Dec 2, 2011

After installing the HEAD of tcomment and using pathogen I get this error on startup

line    4:                                                                                            
E154: Duplicate tag "g:tcommentMapLeaderOp1" in file /Users/pair/.vim/bundle/tcomment/doc/tcomment.txt
E154: Duplicate tag "g:tcommentMapLeaderOp2" in file /Users/pair/.vim/bundle/tcomment/doc/tcomment.txt
Press ENTER or type command to continue                                                               

I made a simple fix in my commit, but I'm not sure if that is the right way to fix this problem.

tomtom commented Dec 3, 2011

Hi, thanks commit #550cc0bbed should fix this. (I had to edit the template which is why I didn't merge your pull request.)

@tomtom tomtom closed this Dec 3, 2011
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