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Fix doc reference FilterCNF => Filter_cnf. #8

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Daniel Hahler Tom Link
Daniel Hahler
blueyed commented May 19, 2011

No description provided.

Tom Link
tomtom commented May 19, 2011

Please don't change the doc file but the comment for that function in the source file. Many thanks for your help.

Tom Link tomtom closed this May 19, 2011
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May 19, 2011
Daniel Hahler Fix doc reference FilterCNF => Filter_cnf. f402f58
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  1. 2  doc/tlib.txt
2  doc/tlib.txt 100755 → 100644
@@ -948,7 +948,7 @@ autoload/tlib/Filter_cnfd.vim~
948 948
949 949
950 950
-    The same as |tlib#FilterCNF#New()| but a dot is expanded to '\.\{-}'. 
+    The same as |tlib#Filter_cnf#New()| but a dot is expanded to '\.\{-}'. 
952 952
     As a consequence, patterns cannot match dots.
953 953
     The pattern is a '/\V' very no-'/magic' regexp pattern.
954 954

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