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+- Initial release
+- Improved command-line completion for :TPlugin
+- Experimental autoload for commands and functions (à la AsNeeded)
+- The after path is inserted at the second to last position
+- When autoload is enabled and g:tplugin_menu_prefix is not empty, build
+a menu with available plugins (NOTE: this is disabled by default)
+- Build helptags during :TPluginScan (i.e. support for helptags requires
+autoload to be enabled)
+- Call delcommand before autoloading a plugin because of an unknown
+- TPluginScan: Take a root directory as the second optional argument
+- The autoload file was renamed to ROOT/tplugin.vim
+- When adding a repository to &rtp, ROOT/tplugin_REPO.vim is loaded
+- TPluginBefore, TPluginAfter commands to define inter-repo dependencies
+- Support for autoloading <plug> maps
+- Support for autoloading filetypes
+- Moved autoload functions to macros/tplugin.vim -- users have to rescan
+their repos.
+- Fixed concatenation of filetype-related files
+- :TPluginDisable command
+- Replaced :TPluginMap with a function TPluginMap()
+- Support for ftdetect
+- Per repo metadata (ROOT/REPO/tplugin.vim)
+- FIX: s:ScanRoots(): Remove empty entries from filelist
+- Support for ftplugins in directories and named {&FT}_{NAME}.vim
+- FIX: Filetype-related problems
+- Relaxed the rx for functions
+- FIX: Don't load any plugins when autoloading an "autoload function"
+- :TPlugin accepts "-" as argument, which means load "NO PLUGIN".
+- Speed up :TPluginScan (s:ScanRoots(): run glob() only once, filter file
+contents before passing it to s:ScanSource())
+- :TPluginScan: don't use full filenames as arguments for
+- g:tplugin_autoload_exclude: Exclude repos from autoloading
+- Removed :TPluginDisable
+- TPluginMap(): Don't map keys if the key already is mapped (via
+- If g:tplugin_autoload == 2, run |:TPluginScan| after updating tplugin.
+- FIX: Don't add autoload files to the menu.
+- FIX: s:ScanLine: Don't create duplicate autoload commands.
+- CHANGE: The root specific autoload files are now called '_tplugin.vim'
+- Provide a poor-man implementation of fnameescape() for users of older
+versions of vim.
+- If the root name ends with '*', the root is no directory tree but a
+single directory (actually a plugin repo)
+- s:TPluginComplete(): Hide tplugin autoload files.
+- TPluginScan: try to maintain information about command-line completion
+(this won't work if a custom script-local completion function is used)
+- Delete commands only when they were defined without a bang; make sure
+all commands in a file defined without a bang are deleted
+- g:tplugin_scan defaults to 'cfpt'
+- Don't register each autoload function but deduce the repo/plugin from
+the prefix.
+- g:tplugin_scan defaults to 'cfpta'
+- TPluginCommand and TPluginFunction are functions. Removed the commands
+with the same name.
+- #TPluginInclude tag
+- Renamed #TPluginInclude to @TPluginInclude
+- Added support for @TPluginMap, @TPluginBefore, @TPluginAfter annotations
+- TPluginMap() restores the proper mode
+- Load after/autoload/* files
+- Make helptags of repositories that weren't yet loaded available to the
+- Renamed variables: g:tplugin#autoload_exclude, g:tplugin#scan
version: "0.12"
- Run helptags with silent!
- vcsdo: Finalize the name of the log buffer as script-local variable
@@ -0,0 +1,4 @@
+ #C5 :vim :tplugin TPluginMap: Remap doesn't restore the original mode and fires the map in normal mode
+ #C5 :vim :tplugin When triggering an autoload of a command by the command-complete function and thereby loading the file where the command was defined & thereby redefining that command, you get an error.

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