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- Initial release
- Quite a few things have changed and I haven't had the time yet to test
these changes thorougly. There is a chance that nested patterns thus
don't work as described (please report).
- Enable search for more than one kinds at once (as comma-separated
- Enabled <c-e>: Run ex-command on selected lines (e.g. for refactoring
- Enabled <c-s>, <c-v>, <c-t>: Open selected lines in (vertically) split
windows or tabs.
- Renamed vV kinds to lL (~ let)
- New kind: r/R (right hand side arguemnt of an assignment/let, i.e.
- New kind: fuzzy (typo-tolerant search)
- INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: Renamed "mode" to "kind"
- TRag now has some idea of negation. E.g., "TRag !i,w call" will search
for the word "call" but ignore matches in comments (if defined for the
current filetype)
- Alternative methods to define project files: g:trag_files,
g:trag_glob, g:trag_project.
- Improved support for ruby, vim
- TRagKeyword, trag#CWord(): Customize keyword rx.
- g:trag_get_files
- [bg]:trag_project_{&filetype}: Name of the filetype-specific project
files catalog (overrides [bg]:trag_project if defined)
- trag#Edit() will now initally select files with the same "basename
root" (^\w\+) as the current buffer (the command is thus slightly more
useful and can be used as an ad-hoc alternative file switcher)
- FIX: Match a line only once
- FIX: Caching of regexps
- Use vimgrep with set ei=all as default search mode (can be configured
via g:trag_search_mode); by default trag now is a wrapper around vimgrep
that does the handling of project-related file-sets and regexp builing
for you.
- FIX: ruby/f regexp
- trag_proj* variables were renamed to trag_project*.
- Traggrep: Arguments have changed for conformity with grep commands (an
implicit .-argument is prepended)
- Make sure tlib is loaded even if it is installed in a different
- Post-process lines (strip whitespace) collected by vimgrep
- tlib#Edit(): for list input, set pick_last_item=0, show_empty=1
- Aliases for some commands: Trag, Traggrep ...
- Update the qfl when running a command on selected lines
- Enable certain operations for multiple choices
- Java, Ruby: x ... find subclasses (extends/implements)
- Experimental rename command for refactoring (general, java)
- NEW: [bg]:trag_get_files_{&filetype}
- Traggrep: If the second argument (glob pattern) is missing, the
default file list will be used.
- trag#viki#Rename()
- Generalized trag#rename#Rename()
- Enabled "trace cursor" functionality (mapped to the <c-insert> key).
- :Traglw
- TRagGitFiles, trag#SetGitFiles(), g:trag_git
- trag#QuickList(): Accept a dict as optional argument.
- trag#Grep(): rx defaults to '\.{-}'
- trag#Grep(): use :g (instead of search()) for non-vimgrep mode
- Moved the definition of some variables from plugin/trag.vim to autoload/trag.vim
- :TRagcw! (show :cw even if there are no recognized errors)
- Require tlib 0.37
- g:trag#use_buffer
version: "0.09"
- Don't hide the window if all error numbers are -1
- .gitignore
- trag#Grep(): trigger QuickFixCmdPre & QuickFixCmdPost events for "trag"
- trag#LocList() used qfl
MD5 checksum: 255a58b855b4e21462b517826c88fd91
version: "0.11"
- trag#LocList(): Take world & suspended as arguments (like #BrowseList())
- Be more clever at guessing the filetype (allow filenames as patterns)
- No direct external access to trag_filenames
- g:trag#check_vcs: If the file is under a VCS, scan through all files in the VCS (requires tlib 0.44)
- trag#AgentWithSelected(): cmd as optional argument
- s:DoAutoCmd(): call event only if one is defined
- Show item in balloon (if available)
- trag#RunCmdOnSelected(): Optional argument: Don't close scratch
MD5 checksum: e4bc34f9c3ef3ce134f2c41918d0922d
- addon-info
- <c-l> Edit line
- Help template
- trag#RunCmdOnSelected(): Optionally use w.GetBufferLines() if provided (see vikitasks #104b45b)
- trag#RunCmdOnSelected(): Preliminary support for w.AfterRunCmd()
- trag#Grep(): Takes filetype as second optional argument
- g:trag#grep_type replaces g:trag_search_mode
- g:trag_map_leader, TragInstallMap(), TragInstallKindMap(): Make it easier to set up maps
- trag#GetGitFiles(): Use g:tlib#dir#sep, not the obsolete g:tlib_filename_sep
- Rename most commands matching TRag* -> Trag*
- trag#SetRepoFiles(): Use files in current VCS repo
- trag#Grep(): Refactor to enable use of external grep commands
- s:GetRx(): Return [posrx, filetype]
- First draft for use of external grep
- vim: Use :grepadd
- Further improvements to allow use of external grep commands
- Initial support for VCS (e.g. git grep)
- g:trag#file_sources: Define source for file lists
- trag#external#vcs#Run(): Use fnameescape()
- Fixed some regexps
- Rename s:trag_filenames to g:trag_extension_filetype
- TRagDefKind: accepts an optional "!"
- g:trag#file_sources can be buffer-local (b:trag_file_sources)
- Remove references to trag#Process_*
- trag#GetGitFiles(): Use \%()
- trag#external#grep#IsSupported(): Minor simplification
- trag#external#vcs#Run(): Minor optimization
- trag#DefFiletype()
- trag#external#vcs#Run(): Use
- Move filetype definitions to ftplugin/*/trag.vim
- json support
- FIX javascript regexp
- Use viki for *.TXT
- Draft for "hg grep" support (currently disabled due to poor performance)
- rx.vim: Convert regexps
- trag#utils#GrepaddFiles(): Process files in batches
- Adapt vcs to previous changes
- Improved support for grep
- Support for ack
- b:trag_grep_type: Buffer-local g:trag#grep_type
- GrepWith_grep, GrepWith_ack
- g:trag#file_sources: tags support
- Rename g:trag#external#ack#ack_params to g:trag#external#ack#opts
- Support for ag (the_silver_searcher)
- FIX javascript l regexp
- g:trag_kinds_ignored_comments: A list of kinds for which |TragInstallKindMap()| will install maps that ignore comments
- New kind: "u" (uses of word; ignore comments)
- trag#utils#GrepaddFiles(): Escape "()" in filenames
- trag#rx#ConvertRx_perl(): Handle \{-}, \+, \?
- trag#utils#GrepaddFiles(): Use shellescape()
- Support for Makefiles
MD5 checksum: c87df75189cfb7574a10ba093bf60a0a
version: "1.00"
- trag#utils#GrepaddFiles(): Use shellescape(..., 1)
- g:trag#debug: Hide warnings by default
- Make sure not to run git grep on files outside of the repo (use trag instead; require tlib 0.112)
- Minor improvements; g:trag#grep_fallback_type
- GrepWith_external(): bufnr optimization
- GrepWith_external(): normalize filenames
- ag: Don't use -Q for "identity"
MD5 checksum: 3c5f2c7653a0345612891fe614655997
version: "1.01"
- trag#Edit(): Don't set initial filter when the source of the files listing was a VCS
- trag#InitListBuffer: Use set_syntax
- trag#GetFilename() instead of s:GetFilename()
- FormatBase(): Allow customization via format_item
MD5 checksum: 738c7a98299f22507000ab21a53d7b2f
version: "1.02"
- trag#Edit(): Don't set initial filter when the source of the files listing was a VCS
- trag#InitListBuffer: Use set_syntax
- trag#GetFilename() instead of s:GetFilename()
- FormatBase(): Allow customization via format_item
MD5 checksum: 738c7a98299f22507000ab21a53d7b2f
version: "1.02"
version: "2.00"
- Require tlib 1.14; use tlib#file#Edit()
- Move ftplugin/* -> autoload/trag/ft/*
- trag#ScanWithGrepDefs() etc.
- a:leader .'+' map -> :Tragcw
- trag#ScanWithGrepDefs(): Return values(qfl)
- Misc fixes
- GrepWith_external(): strip text
- trag#utils#GrepaddFiles(): Use shellescape()
- Support for sift (
- Support for markdown
- Move qfl/loclist browser to tlib; require tlib 1.15
- trag#BrowseList: deepcopy g:trag#world
- trag#BrowseList: Use copy()
- Breaking change: Use tlib#arg#GetOpts
- :Tragsearch --file_sources command-line option
- trag#Grep: Use return
- s:GrepWith_external: Don't check if executable for grep_type == vcs
- s:GrepWith_external(): Don't use deepcopy
- s:GetRx(): don't precalc fnamemodify()
- Removed :Tragfile, :Traggrep, :Tragsetfiles, :Tragaddfiles, :Tragclearfiles, :TragGitFiles, :TragRepoFiles
- g:trag#file_sources: support for function sources; various improvements
- Re-introduce :Tragfiles command
- Deprecate trag#Grep()
- FIX maps
- Remove Tragsearch command; s/TLibTrace/Tlibtrace/g
MD5 checksum: 099e3abc4020163be874d233f90b59f1