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Initial release
- Copy files
- Renamed TSelectFiles! to TSelectFilesInSubdirs
- Cache file listings (reset by adding a ! to the command or by typing
<c-r> in the list view)
- g:tselectfiles_use_cache, g:tselectfiles_no_cache: Control the use of
cached file listings
- If no start argument is provided, the starting directory can also be
defined via b:tselectfiles_dir and g:tselectfiles_dir (use "." to use
the current directory); this could be used to quickly select
project-related files
- Key shortcuts to open files in (vertically) split windows or tabs
- <c-c> now is "Copy file names", <c-k> is "Copy files"
- Require tlib 0.9
- "Delete file" will ask whether to delete a corresponding buffer too.
- <c-w> ... View file in original window
- Disabled <c-o> Open dir
- Require tlib >= 0.12
- When renaming a file that's loaded, rename also the buffer.
- You can filter the list of selected files via setting the
[wbg]:tselectfiles_filter_rx variable.
- Renamed g:tselectfiles_no_cache to g:tselectfiles_no_cache_rx
- [bg]:tselectfiles_use_cache and [bg]:tselectfiles_no_cache_rx can now
also be set per buffer.
- Renamed some variables from tselectfile_* to tselectfiles_*.
- Can be "suspended" (i.e. you can switch back to the orignal window)
- [wbg]:tselectfiles_filter_rx is used only when no directory is given
on the command line.
- Require tlib >= 0.18
- If the filename matches an entry in g:tselectfiles_filedescription_rx,
use the expression there to construct a file description (eg the file's
first line)
- Option to run vimgrep on selected files.
- tselectfiles#BaseFilter(): Set b:tselectfiles_filter_rx to something
- tselectfiles#BaseFilter(): takes 2 optional arguments to substitute a
rx in the current buffer's filename.
- tselectfiles_filter_rx: Set as array
- [gbw]tselectfiles_prefix: Remove prefix from filenames in list
- [gbw]tselectfiles_limit variable
- Problem when browsing single directories
- NEW: g:tselectfiles_part_subst* variables.
- NEW: [bg]:tselectfiles_filter_basename variable
- Require tlib 0.29
- g:tselectfiles_skip_rx
- Don't assume s:select_files_pattern.limit is set
- Include .* in tselectfiles_hidden_rx
- FIX: Include .* files (but hide them by default; thanks to
naquad/Daniil F.).
- FIX: If 'splitbelow' is false, opening buffers in split view didn't
properly work (thanks to naquad/Daniil F.)
- :TSelectFiles, :TSelectFilesInSubdirs, tselectfiles#SelectFiles: take
an initial pattern as the second optional argument (i.e. if you pass a
directory as first optional argument, you'll have to escape blanks with
a backslash).
- tselectfiles#SelectFiles: if dir is &, search &path
- tselectfiles_filter_rx is always evaluated unless a pattern is
provided as extra argument
- tselectfiles_prefix is always evaluated
- Moved the definition of some variables from plugin/tselectfiles.vim to
- tselectfiles#AgentPreviewFile(): redraw
- Convert encoding if the assumed &fenc != &enc
- tselectfiles#FormatVikiMetaDataOrFirstLine: Reversed argument order (world is optional)
- Renamed variables named g:tselectfiles_* to g:tselectfiles#*
- .gitignore
- g:tselectfiles#use_vcs
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