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vcsdo -- Uniform commands for git, svn, hg repositories

vcs are a nice invention but unfortunately even the most trivial tasks are achieved in different ways depending on which vcs you use. This ruby script tries to facilitate, e.g., updating local copies of different vcs.

vcsdo does not aim at being a grand unified ui. It supports only simple tasks, things you would want to do when you keep a local copy of a source code repository to stay up to date but don't want to actually work on the code.

The following vcs are supported to some extent: git, svn, hg, bzr.


Configuration is done via yaml files:

  • Linux: ~/.vcsdo.yml, /etc/vcsdo.yml
  • Windows: %WINDIR%/vcsdo.yml, %USERPROFILE%/vcsdo.yml

In configuration files, users can define aliases for the -e or -d command-line option. Such a yaml file could look like this:

    bundle: ~/.vim/bundle
    repos: ~/src/repos


Update the current directory:

vcsdo update

Update all directories below a common root directory:

vcsdo --each ..../myLocalCopies update

Use an alias:

vcsdo --each @repos update

The first remaining argument can also be a VCS type. This is useful for certain commands so you can use aliases. E.g., create a local copy of a git repository in the @repos directory:

vcsdo -d @repos git clone git://github.com/foo/bar

See "vcsdo --help" for a list of supported commands. Some commands are not supported for certain vcs types.

Run "vcsdo -n ..." to see which commands would be issued.


  • ruby 1.8